Friday, April 07, 2006

Bingo Bongo

We should not play in Edinburgh for a while more often...

After 5 months and 5 days of not playing in Edinburgh, we returned with reasonable style last night, I reckon. Lots of old friends in the crowd, plus some new friends from only last week in Coldstream!

It was commented there was an almost Big Brother TV style experiment going on when they showed the Skadancecraze DVD (the main reason for this event) - lots of people in a club.. watching lots of people in a club. The same club, in fact. Luckily folk soon pushed that thought aside and were dancing mightily to the pre-recorded sounds of This R 2 Tone till we came on. Big thanks to Kool Vibration as well, a tight and authentic reggae/ska 5 piece who should really be playing round here more often! (Hope you made your next gig ok, Trav.)

I think we packed everything we wanted to into the set, hopefully a few in there folk didn't know, such as our ska-groove-messing Hand Of Fate, and our tribute to the night's DJ, Miggy, which doesn't get enough plays! We also aired our crafted-with-love cover of The Specials' Ghost Town, and for once I think my flute could actually be heard.

You even got an extra encore out of us, in the shape of Guns of Navarone, which we don't play that much these days, but seems to have a good reaction to say the least (though I did notice one dred-headed guy with blood on his face afterwards - hope you're ok, mate!)

We'll be back to the Bongo Club in less than a month, with our old friends The Big Hand, so if you missed out on last night, or just want to do it all again, we'll see you on May 1st - a Monday night, whatever next...


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