Sunday, September 11, 2005

September 10th Gig... Wot a Blinder

Here we go, first blog entry.  I don't really like the word blog.  It sounds like something that came out of your nose, 'excuse me, do you have a tissue, I've just blogged'.  And the word 'entry' is just disgusting.

Thanks to everyone who came down to our gig on Saturday. The Skarsoles were amazing as usual. Some kids unfortunately were turned away because they were underage. Sorry guys but you have to be this tall to enjoy Ska.  That's just physics. Thanks to a decent turnout it was a blinding night. Highpoints included Vinnie's drum solo on our cover version of The Beatles 'Birthday', Matt's keyboard solo on 'I'm So Happy' and Tom 'Judge' Pickles' flute solo on 'Force 10 from Navarone'.  

If you were very lucky you may have caught us playing in a small marquee in Andy P's back garden too.  We do get about.

And now today its my birthday. Do I look 33?


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