Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Ska Explosion In The Kingdom Of Ska

Great night at The Path Tavern. Great set from Big Hand as always. Joe Viterbo were awesome and they have the best backdrop banner I have ever seen. It must be twenty feet by thirty feet. Fucking enormous.
It was the first time for us at the Path, although Colin, Andy and I played there four years ago in our RATM tribute band, with our mates Certain Death who hail from Kirkcaldy originally. The place was stowed and it was a great night. Highlights include our famous cover of The Beatles' "Birthday" for Rod, even though I am sure it wasn't his birthday, and an interesting version of "Forget the Nineties" featuring Andy doing his famous mating warble. For an encore we played a new track "Panic Button" which went down well (if I do say so myself, and I do). But best of all no one was too drunk to play, ahem, and no one was hurt. 

So in conclusion, Kirkcaldy rocks. And I promise never to be too drunk to play again because I have converted to Islam. Assalamu alaikum.


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